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Ro 49c1f2d3f2
Taiga Intergration Test 2
First one used the wrong hook type.

TG-3 #testing
11 months ago
Ro 2ce0a4eb82
Taiga Integration Test
Just seeing if this thing actually work

TG-3 #testing
11 months ago
Ro df8e301a0b
Confirming Verify Commit Error
I tried submitting an updated through and IDE and it does not properly
verify signed commits.

Using git from the command line works fine.
11 months ago
Ro 16de29c399
testing verified commits 11 months ago
Ro 859b75e9f3
Removed links to old repo from ReadMe
I'll probably miss some as the migration completes but let's start with
scrubbing the old repo from the new one.
2 years ago
Ro a14d4a0a08
Move Repo test
Just a quick update to see if I got all the setting right as I'm
migrating the show to a fresh repo
2 years ago
Are0h 7393e4572c readme tweak 2 years ago
Ro b8cf4e403a fixed a typo in the README 3 years ago
Ro f6b0207c3d got damn line breaks 4 years ago
Ro fcc9738696 fixed readme links 4 years ago
Are0h 2ba21b0b2e updated readme to fix links 4 years ago
Ro ffb7fca50a added line breaks to readme 4 years ago
Are0h 24aaffa13e Update '' 4 years ago
Ro df246db551 more readme edits 4 years ago
Ro ff76cfbf31 added docs links readme 4 years ago
Are0h b970974ab9 Update '' 4 years ago
Ro 9a14d6cf5c Starting getting the README together for the beta 4 years ago
Ro 9c1dbe00ad quick readme edit 4 years ago
Ro cf363125b7 filled out READ ME a bit more 4 years ago
Are0h eec14d30d5 Initial commit 6 years ago