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Ro 49c1f2d3f2
Taiga Intergration Test 2
First one used the wrong hook type.

TG-3 #testing
10 months ago
Ro 2ce0a4eb82
Taiga Integration Test
Just seeing if this thing actually work

TG-3 #testing
10 months ago
Ro 599fca18f1
Removed invalid role attributes from Settings page
Cleaned up the settings page by removing the improper usage of the role
tag and replaced it with class to maintain current design integrity.
Also updated the script files that was referencing the old role tags
10 months ago
Ro bea40049fc
Removed invalid role attributes from dash index
Converted role tags to class to remove the invalid role attributes
10 months ago
Ro df8e301a0b
Confirming Verify Commit Error
I tried submitting an updated through and IDE and it does not properly
verify signed commits.

Using git from the command line works fine.
10 months ago
Ro 16de29c399
testing verified commits 10 months ago
Ro ac08c77813
Removed role from header, notification and login
Began the process of removing all invalid role attributes starting with the header, login, and notifications components. Updated the corresponding scripts as well. 

Made a few structural changes to the header to simply it and then tested it to ensure notification still worked.
10 months ago
Ro 2f0b83b492
Added License
Decided to go with GNU General Public License v3.0 because all
improvements to the codebase should be shared with the public
1 year ago
Ro f824b53f2a
Update versioning to 2.6.1
All the issues in milestone 2.6.1 have been completed, so now it's time for an update
1 year ago
Ro 8461d88dd6
Settings CSS Cleanup
The Settings UI needed some responsive polish, so that's been given a
bit more love.
1 year ago
Ro a9c88f1430
Edits for #86 and #92
Fixed the issue where the text edit controller would scroll right off
the screen. Now it stick when it's the bottom of the header.

Also changed the background color of page links on the Start and Book
pages to indicate there is no image. It's just cleaner
1 year ago
Ro fa4b252d9c
Fix for #94
Header images were missing from the archive and tags pages, so this is a
patch to make sure those are working again.
1 year ago
Ro 181225329a
CSS and icon fixes
Fixes for issues #93, #88, #87
1 year ago
Ro 4876c1336e
Updated Composer packages; empty field fix
Composer dependencies were pretty old, so they needed to be upgraded to
the latest.

There was also a minor bug that was triggered when a new page was saved
with empty tags and no images or documents, so that's been patched as
1 year ago
Ro f1850ce7f7
Site Creation Hot Fix
There was an error in the request to set up a fresh site on the front
end and handling the respective object on the backend that was causing
the process to error out.

Also added the source map for the dash script because it's eventually
going to be fully transparent anyway.
1 year ago
Ro e7cd52bd12
Fixed script after removing dependency
Removed 'carot-ps' from dependencies so it had to be removed from
scripts calling that package.

Also renamed dash script to 'dash.js' just so it's clear it is for the
1 year ago
Ro f9190c2a41
removed carot-pos from dependecies 1 year ago
Ro 8885ae4c63
updated version nunmber 1 year ago
Ro 405be1a6ed
Emplty Layout Hotfix
When creating new pages, there is no layout, so the system was pushing a
null error when trying to use string_contains and a null string, so
cleaned that up so it defaults to 'page' when that string is empty
1 year ago
Ro 3f9506ac6b
Responsive P 4 - Dash, Index, Editor, Nav, Menu
Cleaned up resonsive for the rest of the remaining pages: the dash
index, page index, page editor, navigation editor and plugged in a
mobile nav that activates when the viewport gets skinny.

1 year ago
Ro e7fd91c152
Responsive Pt 3 - Pass Reset, Site Create/Restore
Rebuilt forms for resetting the password, creating a fresh site and
restoring a site from a backup, as well as adjusting the accompanying
scripts that handle those processes.
1 year ago
Ro 5adf196783
Responsive Part 2 - Login
Updated Login CSS and cleaned up login notifications to alert when
something is amiss.
1 year ago
Ro 2ce86fad2e
Settings CSS Remix
Wasn't feeling the previous CSS responsive structure, so edited it to be
a bit more streamline.

Also fixed small issue with the backup API request.

Made a small change to notifications so the alert stays live while the
system is processing a request rather than going back to an unalert
1 year ago
Ro bfb0873f5f
Reponsive: Part 1 - Settings
Started cleaning up responsive styles for the site starting with the
Settings section. Still needs some tweaking but the structure for that
section is in so it's just a matter of police.

Some changes need to be made to the main nav as reduced viewport throws
off the alignment.
1 year ago
Ro 97278e3a90
Notifications Rework #81
Integrated the Notifications UI component into the header to streamline
user alerts into the overall experience.

Also added titles to use the space created by moving the notifications
compoenent to it's own space.
1 year ago
Ro 78bfe4596b
Styled Nav Editor
Created new CSS styles for dash nav editor and updated the appropriate
controller scripts.

Also updated the icons for the main nav.
1 year ago
Ro 1b89d1d072
Restyled Settings UI
Rebuilt the css for the Settings UI, which also led to some changed in
the FilesAPI so it knows what to do with specific targets. There's still
some additional styling needed to polish it, but the core structure is
in place so now it can just be tweaked. The controller for this page was
adjusted as needed.

Also moved the settings sub nav convtrols to the header menu since it's
sticky now.
1 year ago
Ro fcca7357bc
Fixes for removing media items and page deletion
The upload process changed, so some tweaks needed to me made to the page
deletion process, which just marks the page as deleted but keeps the
file. Also updated the file manager to properly delete items from the
display list.

The css for page listings also had to updated [forgot to put that on the
list] so the styles for that were updated and the template pages
adjusted accordingnly.

Also forgot to mention changes to the notification display in the last
commit. It's basic as of right now but it will be enhanced as needed.
1 year ago
Ro 07b422a9c3
CSS Overhaul Part 1
This one is a doozy, so let's breakt it down into what areas where

-   updated package json to remove unneeded dependencies.
-   rebuilt file uploading to simply a very convuluted process
-   began proces to replace icons with
-   began process of removing the need for css preprocessor and using
    pure css
        - login completed
        - dashboard index completed
        - page edit ui completed
- page edit ui text editor tweaked so syntax highlighting is cleaner and
  more accurate

The settings and navigation UIs still remain and then polishing the
responsive for the new css structure
1 year ago
Ro ec1dc49ba1
Login Hotfix
The script that handles logggin in and the form for getting that
information were both posting the info which would result in an
intemittent uncaught error.

An attribute was added to the form so it does not submit at the same
time the JS sends a request.

A minor bug but it was annoying.
2 years ago
Ro 61ae73a9e5
Issue #83 Round 1
First pass for CSS refactor for the dashboard, including the login and
index templates. Still rough but the basic structure is in place for
both as well as the re-worked css that will be added to the repo later
once all the pages have been updated.

Lots to do still but a good start.
2 years ago
Ro 859b75e9f3
Removed links to old repo from ReadMe
I'll probably miss some as the migration completes but let's start with
scrubbing the old repo from the new one.
2 years ago
Ro a14d4a0a08
Move Repo test
Just a quick update to see if I got all the setting right as I'm
migrating the show to a fresh repo
2 years ago
Ro 7890715ea6
PHP Linting Tweaks
PHP syntax checking was being weird so I spent some time to make some
corrections. The problem was I was just using the wrong protocal, PEAR
when I've been coding to the PSR12 standard. Easy fix.
2 years ago
Ro 77eb8dd1a8
HTTP Method notes for RouteControl
Currently only two http methods are being utilized for route traffic so
classes are getting jumped trying to stuff every action in on or the
other. More methods need to be implemented to better organize route
pathing and subsequent requests
2 years ago
Ro e431f1afa4
Sign commit test
Testing out commit signing for a bit of extra security.
2 years ago
Ro 254a7f1c38 Scrubbed Moment from codebase
Moment was still being used in some classes so found and replaced all
those instances with Carbon and uninstalled the packaged from composer.
2 years ago
Ro b092645733 Removed Fipamo classes from composer autoloading
I didn't like the extra step that had to be taken to register new
classes from the command line using composer's auto dump, so a quick
script was implemented to handle Fipamo loading classes seperately so
composer can manage itself, removing the need for updating it whenever I
add a new classs to the codebase
2 years ago
Ro 73e4243231 Removed TODO note for Carbon
Left a stray TODO in there that needed to be removed since Moment has
been replaced with Carbon.
2 years ago
Ro 3260e3b76b Updated dependencies, replaced Moment
Composer package dependencies hadn't been updated in awhile, so a part
of the clean up for the php 8.1 install, that has been handled

Moment was being used to handle date formatting but it hasn't been
updated in awhile either, so I switched to Carbon which is still in
active development.
2 years ago
Are0h a1c0d86580 update versioning, clean up npm
I updated the versioning to match in both composer.json and pacakge.json
config files. I need to start cleaning up the dependencies in the front
end scripting as well, so I started my updating them to see much work
needs to get done. Not too bad, but it's going to be a pretty
significant effort.
2 years ago
Are0h 197fb005de Added Markdown table conversion and version update
Added markdown table conversion to the html process so we get sexy
tables. Also updated the version number to prep for the latest beta
realease. Ha, took a minute but we're back on track
2 years ago
Are0h 00d41a3664 Update composer packages
Needed to update some packages rely on because it's been a minute since
they've been touched. I need to get better with doing that on a regular
2 years ago
Are0h 3fa3a9e0e6 removed stray console command for #78 updated
just had a stray trace in there that was removed and correct the issue
referene from the last update. oops.
2 years ago
Are0h 8734baf85e Fix for #76, editing upload que
Whew it took a bit but now the upload que on the page edit page is
editable. You can add and remove files as needed without having to add
all your files at once, which us how it previously worked. Still needs
to be tested a bit but the plumbing is up and running.

Also removed a stray php format config as it is no longer needed.
2 years ago
Are0h a31dff94cb Updated PHP lint to @PSR12 b/c @PSR2 is deprecated
So, @PSR12 is the recommended coding standard, so I updated the config
and reformatted the appropriate files.

Again. Whew.
2 years ago
Are0h 63eaba08e2 Added config for PHP formatting (PSR2)
I needed some consistent php formatting, so I plugged in a php fixer
config and then reformatted all PHP files so it's all consistent.

Fixed an ID issue with the page-edit template that was causing page
editing to fail.
2 years ago
Are0h d9c9f7744e Fixed white space issue, page edit style tweaks
There was a white space issue that made text displayed title and tags
text appear missaligned. It turned out to be a small layout problem that
was cleaned up by getting rid of white space in the textarea element

Also got in there and fixed some lingering css issues that was causing
the svg icon colors to be off in some of the butttons.
2 years ago
Are0h b2c7dae322 Page Editor style fixes
The page editor UI was looking very shaky, so I went in there and
cleaned it up. The nesting is a bit intense, so I'm gonna think about
better ways of laying that out that aren't so convoluted.
2 years ago
Are0h 2501a19685 UI design tweaks
There were some inconsistencies in the UI due to all the changes that
were made to the styleshets, so I fixed the obvious ones that were show

There's more in there to be smoothed out, so this is just the start.
2 years ago