Taiga Intergration Test 2

First one used the wrong hook type.

TG-3 #testing
Ro 10 months ago
parent 2ce0a4eb82
commit 49c1f2d3f2
Signed by: are0h
GPG Key ID: 29B551CDBD4D3B50

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The Fipamo project was born from a need for a simple, easy to use no data blog platform that doesn't require much effort to set up and maintain. Fipamo uses Markdown to handle posts and renders them to flat html so you can serve them from anywhere. No complicated set ups. No long list of dependencies. Just set up and go.
Because it's the 21 century. Easy is good.
Because it's the 21 century. This should be easy.
## Check the (WIP) Docs to get you started. <br>